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Solutions for Daily Chemical Products

Solutions for Daily Chemical Products

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The production line is mainly suitable for the packaging production of daily chemical bottled products with a capacity of up to 2000 bottles/hour. The whole line consists of bottle arranging machine, bottle setting machine, high-precision rotary filling capping machine, capping machine, intelligent box filling machine, carton forming machine, partition placement machine, weighing and rejecting machine, box sealing machine, whole line conveying and intelligent control system, etc. Composition, high degree of automation, is the preferred scheme of industrial production.
Bottled products for daily chemicals
Applicable containers:
Plastic containers (PET and HDPE)
Filling method:
Weighing filling and flowmeter filling Throughput:
12,000 bottles/hour-20,000 bottles/hour
Technical characteristics:
1. All materials in contact with materials are made of 316L materials, and the seals are made of food-grade materials.
2. Weighting filling can meet the filling requirements of 700 ml, 900 ml, 1.5L, 2.5L, 5L, 10L and other capacities.
3. The transmission adopts screw or dial wheel to divide bottles. The bottom of the bottle is supported all the way. The replacement of the altered parts is reduced. The quick replacement structure is adopted for the altered parts, so that the replacement time is reduced and the efficiency is improved.
4. Pay attention to hygiene design, introduce a variety of protection methods, to provide equipment with a filling environment to avoid pollution.
Solutions for Daily Chemical Products
· Carton Form: American Preformed Carton
· Filling method: weighing filling and flowmeter filling
· Applicable Products: Personal Nursing Products, Home Nursing Products
· Applicable bottle type: round bottle, square bottle, square flat bottle, gourd bottle, bottle with pump cap
· Diaphragm Form: Cross Diaphragm, U Diaphragm, Z Diaphragm, Circumferential Diaphragm, I-shaped Diaphragm
Solutions for Daily Chemical Products