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Happy May Day for Craftsmen

Happy May Day for Craftsmen

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May is the season of labour.


May is the season of youth.


Years are enriched by labour.


Full of hope because of struggle.



Work is the most glorious



The History of May Day in China


The Chinese people's celebration of Labor Day dates back to 1918. In this year, some revolutionary intellectuals distributed leaflets to the masses in Shanghai, Suzhou, Hangzhou and Hankou.


After the founding of New China, the State Council of the Central People's Government designated May 1 as a statutory Labor Day in December 1949. On December 14, 2007, the State Council of China revised for the second time the Measures for Holidays on National Year's Festivals and Commemorative Days.“May Day & rdquo; holiday time is adjusted from 7 days to 3 days. Since then, May Day Golden Week has become history.


Every May Day, the whole country celebrates, people change into Festival dress, happily gather in parks, theatres, squares, participate in various celebration rallies or recreational activities, and praise the workers who have made outstanding contributions.




Labor Day festivals around the world


May 1st International Labor Day(International Labor Day or May Day)Also known as International Labor Day and Labor Day, it is the Labor Day of most countries in the world.


America: the birthplace of Labor Day


Labor Day has its origin in the United States, but the first Monday of September is Labor Day, and people all over the United States usually hold parades, rallies and other celebrations to show respect for workers.


Japan: Labor Day & ldquo; Golden Week & rdquo;


In Japan, there are many festivals around 1 May. Women's Day of Planting Trees on 29 April, constitutional anniversary on 3 May, National Holiday on 4 May, Children's Day on 5 May, these holidays are linked up. Generally, Japanese people have at least one week's rest. Therefore, in Japan, special celebrations of Labor Day are gradually replaced by “ May Day Golden Week & rdquo; This is the case.


Thailand, Peru: One Day off


Thailand first promulgated the Labor Regulations in 1932, and then established May 1 as the National Labor Day to reward hard-working workers. On this day, Thailand will have a unified national holiday, and there will be related celebrations in the capital and some big cities, but the scale is generally not too large. Similar to the situation in Thailand, Peru, a South American country, also stipulates May 1 as the national Labor Day and a national holiday.


Italy: No celebration, no vacation


Britain, France and other European countries will be & ldquo; May Day & rdquo; as Labor Day, many countries have a day off, and some countries will put public holidays on the first Monday of May according to the situation. However, unlike most countries in the world, Italy does not hold special celebrations or national holidays on May 1st, May 1st and International Labor Day, although it recognizes that it respects workers.



Good craftsmen,


Better understand the beauty of labor.


Guangzhou Xili MachinerySalute to all workers!


he working people are the most glorious!