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Automatic Rotary Machine Blowing Process

Automatic Rotary Machine Blowing Process

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Rotary blow molding machine practice proved it works for more energy saving,more simple operation and more easy bottle changes parts adjustment.Also Rotary blow molding machine has low noise and durable life and other special features.It performs in high automatic,reliable,high effciency and safety to improve the production cost.


Blow technical process:

1、Preforms' loading and unscrambling

Preforms are loaded and elevated from performs storage to unscrambler info line.


2、Preforms’ going into heating area

Preforms are delivered to the spindle by the star wheel and turned over through trail to the oven.


3、Over's heating

With many layers infrared lamps heating.all the parameters can be set on the computer,the air cooling device guarantees performs' heating and neck‘s cooling.


4、Preforms’temperature controlling

Infrared temperature sensor in the exit of oven can check the temperature of performs is different from pre-set point,the computer can receive feedback and then adjust automatically to reach coincidence.


5、Preforms delivering to moulds

After heating,performs are delivered to the blowing moulds by transfer arm synchronically.


6、Rotating blow bottles

During machine's rotating,performs can stretch,pre-blown,high pressure air blow into bottles synchronously.


7、Bottles checking

Bottles are fetched by transfer arm,disqualified bottles will be ejected by checking system.


8、Finished bottles delivering 

Finished bottles are delivered from air conveyor device to the next procedure by transfer arm.


Xilinear is one of the first factories in China to produce rotary blow molding machine .