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Saudi Arabia International Plastic Packaging and Printing Chemical Exposition 2019

Saudi Arabia International Plastic Packaging and Printing Chemical Exposition 2019

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Saudi Arabia International Plastic Packaging and Printing Chemical Exposition 2019

Jeddah 4P Expo, Saudi Arabia
Brief introduction of the exhibition: Welcome to booth No. 267-3
Saudi International Plastic Packaging and Printing Chemical Exposition is the largest plastic printing and petrochemical professional exhibition in Saudi Arabia which has received UFI certification. Saudi plastic packaging, printing and chemical industry market prospects are unlimited, attracting exhibitors from all over the world to participate in the exhibition enthusiastically.
National City Profile:
As the largest economy in the Middle East and the largest crude oil producer and exporter in the world, Saudi Arabia's economy continued to emerge in the Middle East in 2017, continuing its good performance in recent years.
Jeddah is located in the middle of the West coast, on the east side of the Red Sea (RED SEA). Jeddah is the financial and commercial center of Saudi Arabia, the largest container port in Arabia, and the sea entrance and exit portal of the Holy City of Mecca (MECCA). Jeddah's main industries are petrochemical industry, plastic rubber and printing, etc. Jeddah International Airport is also one of the largest international airports in the world. There are regular flights to all parts of the world every day.
Industry Profile:
The plastic petrochemical projects currently under construction in Gulf countries are worth 19 billion US dollars, and about 81 billion US dollars are in different stages of planning. Among them, Saudi Arabia is in the leading position in the development of plastic and petrochemical industry in the region, with projects worth 12 billion US dollars and another 41 billion US dollars being planned.
In addition, according to the Gulf Industrialist Conference, Saudi Arabia and the Middle East region will continue to increase investment in research and development and purchase of machinery for processing high value-added products, and the plastic processing industry in the region will experience double-digit growth. Saudi Arabia, for example, has expressed its wish to promote the further development of the petrochemical industry by providing relevant policy support and establishing plastic processing zones, and plans to increase the proportion of special plastic chemicals in total product sales to 30% by 2020. With the support of huge investment, the production capacity and diversification of plastic and petrochemical products in Saudi Arabia will be significantly improved, and the sustainable development of plastic and rubber printing and packaging industry in the region will be promoted.