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Main feature of rotary PET bottle blowing molding machine

Main feature of rotary PET bottle blowing molding machine

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The XLRCL-10 fully automatic rotary PET bottle blowing molding machine is designed and built by our advanced technology, the machine produce the PET bottle with high pressure compressed air. The whole operation process is of self control and is free of manual operation. 


The machine integrate with intelligence, automation, stability, high output, economy and it is free of pollution.



Rotary PET bottle blowing molding machine is widely used in food,beverages,,cosmetics,pharmaceutical container production.


Mould: Xilinear have adopted the latest CAD/CAE/CAM system to our mould design, such as UG, Pro-E that ensures the project efficiency. Also, we have advanced processing equipment. Your product will be through effective project management that will reduce the costs and let your products show on the market in the shortest time.




Preform feeding: The preforms are unloaded into the preform hopper and are then transferred to unscrambler by a preform elevator. The unscrambler conveys preforms to a feed rail, at the end of rail the preforms are captured by in-feeding star-wheel. Then preforms are sent to the heating module.


Horizontal preform heating: The preforms start moving along the heating module. During the heating process, the preforms constantly turn around themselves, so as to ensure an excellent and symmetrical heat distribution. Each oven module and each lamp can be adjusted with regards to position and power, thus assuring the maximum process setting flexibility. At the heating module outlet, a sensor detects the preform temperature and compares it with the temperature setting point; if the two values do not correspond; it increases or decreases the heating module lamps power.



Preforms stretch blow-moulding: After leaving the heating oven, preforms are transferred by mechanically synchronized gripper fixed on the transfer wheel to the cam-controlled blow wheel. In blowing stations, there are two phases of stretch-blowing process:

---stretching and pre-blowing, which occur simultaneously through the descent of the stretching rod and the supply of low-pressure compressed air;

---final blowing with high-pressure compressed air, through which the bottles take their final shape.