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Blowing machine working procedure

Blowing machine working procedure

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Blowing machine working procedure:


1.preform unscrambling and delivery

When the preform is put into the hopper, the conveying belt lifts the preform in the unscramble rolling rail, the preform is lined up and come into the heating by it own gravity.

The process is fully automatic and free of damage to preform whilst with high efficiency.


2.Preform heating

The preform is transferred to heating section by startwheel. The preform is continuously and evenly heated. Each layer of the Infrared lamp is individual control.

The specified design of air convection system and neck cooling device realize the perfect preform thermal curve and protect the neck from heat deformation.

Morever, the thermal detector can reflect the current heating temperature in touch screen and realize the self thermoregulation.

Each layer of the heating temperature is to display in the screen.


3.’The preforms’  fetching.

The preform is fetched and delivered to the blowing mould precisely to blow by optimized design start wheel of cam-link mechanism.



The mould opening/clamping is control by the cam mechanism, the mould fracture is of simplified design to realize the easier mould exchange.

The blowing parameter in each cavity is controlled through by touch screen.The blowing air outlet is specified design to meet the desired sealing performance.

There is diagnose function for operator to know where malfunction happens to have quick troubleshooting.

All the above are ensure the rejection rate as low as possible.


5.The bottle fetching and delivery

After blowing, the fetching device will take the bottle out and delivery the bottle for a

Inspection, if there is defeat or not normal blow molding, the bottle will be excluded from filling section to keep the continuous production.